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About Us

Imagine. An entire team of professional advisors committed to your financial success. A group of advisors who do what they say and do it well.

CIG Private Wealth Management is that team. We are the people you can count on. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, we deliver honest, straight-forward guidance with integrity. Strategies that will guide you, your family and your business toward an intended purpose. Plans structured in your best interest, with actionable steps you can take to reach your goals. Because life is more than simply moving through the years.

Save Smart. Fund your child’s education. Reach retirement. Distribute your wealth efficiently. Achieve financial confidence, wellness and fortitude. Partner with the team that does more than punch numbers on a calculator and call it a day. Collaborate with specialists who will orchestrate your financial future so you can live your best life. Not just today, but for endless tomorrows.