Steven Lowe

Steven Lowe

Wealth Management Advisor

Where to begin....

While working my way through college at Quinnipiac, I was lucky enough to get a job doing something I love. I worked in a ski shop. (Skiing is one of those things in life that still feeds my soul).

I quickly learned three amazing things about myself. The first (ok not so amazing) was that if it was snowing out, I would be regrettably working at the ski shop and NOT skiing!! Second, not only did I really enjoy helping people fit and find the proper equipment for their individual level of ability, but third, and MOST important, I found that they were put at ease around me. People found comfort and confidence in my advice and ability to help them become better skiers, or simply enjoy themselves.

In 1986, realizing I need a career that allows me to ski on the weekends, I learned about a unique, and for some people, BAFFLING concept! “I can help people SAVE money instead of spend it all.” So, as a young man I put on a suit, jumped in my 9-foot-tall F250 pickup truck, (please don’t laugh. Yes, a monster truck.), and started my new career.

Since then of course, that simple idea of “helping people accumulate wealth” has mushroomed into all of those complex concepts you hear about under the heading of Financial Planning: 529 college savings, retirement income planning, portfolio/asset management, tax and estate planning, just to name a few.

But fear not, we realize that your needs and the needs of your family are truly unique. We will work hard to educate you, simplify these complex solutions, and keep you on the road to financial success. I say “we” because our wealth management team is committed to helping you. That’s what we do!

Ok, I’m not always working. On any given afternoon, you might run into me at Starbucks feeding my chocolate/coffee addiction with a café mocha.

Striving to live a balanced life is a priority to me. As a single dad, spending time with my 14-year-old daughter is a challenge. Eliza is not only a busy teenager, but she is training daily to qualify for the 2022 Olympic figure skating team. My weekends are full of friends and family. Music a central theme in my life. I don’t play an instrument but there is always music playing or a song running through my head. I love to go to outdoor summer concerts with friends to see bands such as Allman Brothers, Santana, and Tedeschi Trucks Band. Right now, my favorite band is Marillion (yes I know, you may not have heard of them). Other interests include keeping fit through exercise and eating right, visiting local craft breweries, and modifying my car for performance and style. Of course, I’m still skiing but not as much as in my younger, carefree days. Jay Peak and Burke Mountain are my favorites. Oh, and if you see someone who looks like me on a country road riding a Harley Davidson, don’t be surprised.